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Welcome to Our WHAT’S YOUR SCORE Game! KLP 24.12.2020

What do you think and how do you act on the role of women and men in society, work, home, family life, and in their mutual relationships?

This test aims to reflect your attitude and behaviors on the subjects mentioned above.

It is important for you to express your opinions clearly and sincerely in order to reach our goal. There are no questions that will reveal your identity. Our aim to understand how general public thinks and behave rather than individuals.

With the Contribution of

* While developing this test, we made use of the GEMS scale of PROMUNDO, the question bank by KONDA Research Company, and the work namely “Masculinity Moods in Turkey” (“Erkekliğin Türkiye Halleri”) 2018, by Hale Bolak Boratav, Güler Okman Fişek and Hande Eslen Ziya.

Before we proceed, can you briefly introduce yourself?

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